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    mMils Kunis is the hero of the week for lingering goodwill over agreeing to escort a US Marine to a formal ball and chewing out an obnoxious reporter in Russian.

    Every conservative blogger on the internet is going to posts Mila Kunis because she said yes to a Marine's request for a date via Youtube. Here is my effort to go along with the crowd.

    Yes, indeed.

    UPDATE:Mila Kunis did smile last night.

    Funny, she does not look like a Wicked Witch.

    Good news, guys. We may have lost Shania Twain to an incredibly weird matrimonial hook up, but the lovely Mila Kunis is back on the market.

    Born in the Soviet union to a physicist mother and engineer father and devoted World of Warcraft player, so she is exotic, smart, and geeky. The best part is she had been dating Macauley Culkin, so all you have to do is be a better catch than a Michael Jackson cast off to have a shot with her. You probably need to be a better kisser than Natalie Portman, too.

    Born in the Ukraine to a physicist and a mechanical engineer, this brainy beauty is a un-Hollywood World of Warcraft geek. She is also dating Macauley Culkin, so her standards are incredibly low. Sure, she also voices Meg on Family Guy, but her other characteristics redeem her.

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